about Fellow Health Partners

Fellow Health Partners is committed to helping our clients improve their bottom line and grow their business by applying innovative medical business solutions.

We meet this commitment by fusing Technology, Talent, and Training to create a multi-faceted support system to meet our clients’ needs.

Professional, Caring, and Personalized

We work with clients and locations across the country, acting as an extension to any medical practice or facility—providing billing expertise, office and workflow solutions, customer service assistance, strategic growth advice, advisory services, and administrative support.

Our preferred working style is professional, caring, personalized, and supportive, while helping our clients grow their bottom line.

All our employees go through rigorous training and ongoing education processes, including customer service skills. They are highly competent and experienced in all matters pertaining to medical billing.

A Team of Seasoned Experts

Fellow Health Partners is committed to a billing management team where every member is a Certified Professional Coder. We have Certified Professional Coding Instructors on staff and are at the forefront of updating coding changes as they evolve, contributing to a smoother experience for clients.

Our Executive is peopled with seasoned professionals who are not only experts in Medical Billing but are also successful entrepreneurs and advisors who have helped companies add over $4 billion in value. We share this knowledge with Fellow Health Partners’ clients, providing strategic and operational advice to help them grow.

The Executive is also focused on growing our Talent, evolving our Technology, and providing state-of-the-art Training (technical and people skills). Our highly trained managers lead, direct, assist, and support our dedicated teams. Our experienced Customer Service team works with the Executive to provide customized advice to clients to help them grow and manage their practice, facility, or division.

The premium clients that we support and advise include larger group practices, diagnostic labs, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical specialists across many disciplines.

Fellow Health Partners is HIPAA and HITECH compliant.


Our Leadership Team is a coordinated group of seasoned professionals with many decades of practical experience in helping Medical Professionals and associated Health Care Businesses to grow revenue with less stress and disruption.

our Mission

Fellow Health Partners provides customized and innovative business solutions seamlessly to medical practices and facilities.

Our highly trained staff delivers personal service using proprietary compliance-driven technology.