Jennifer Church, CPC, CPB, CPC-1, ROCC

Jennifer is a Charge Manager and Head of Compliance at Fellow Health Partners, both vital roles in medical billing. Accurate and efficient Charge Entry (coding) directly affects revenue, which is why her coding experience and focus are invaluable in helping to ensure that doctors are paid everything they’ve earned for their work.

Compliance focuses on making sure that everyone – from our employees to the doctors, facilities, and administrators that we serve – all comply with all mandated rules and regulations regarding billing, privacy, and processes.

She currently oversees a growing team of Fellow Health Partners’ coders and continues to help educate doctors about how to most effectively apply current coding procedures.

Jennifer’s extensive experience in coding is supported by her Certifications which include both Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I) and Radiation Oncology Certified Coder. She is also a member of AAPC (The American Association of Professional Coders) and lead coding trainer at our Knowledge College™.