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Prepare for a career in medical coding or improve the skills you already have. Our comprehensive medical coding training can greatly increase your chances of passing the CPC certification exam. Choose our 16 Session curricula if you are new to coding and would like to learn everything necessary to prepare for the CPC certification exam or if you have been away from coding for a while and would like to return to the workforce.

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The 16 Session course will be conducted 2 nights a week over an 8-week period starting March 9, 2021 and ending April 4, 2021.

Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30pm to 9:00pm. The AAPC Exam will be May 1, 2021.

Everyone who wishes to attend must sign up for the course by February 22, 2021.

Cost includes:

  • Live Instruction – In-person and Online instruction depending on your preference. In-person instruction held in large auditorium with social distancing and no more than a total of 15 students. Online Instruction is simultaneous with Live instruction via interactive Zoom technology
  • Two student workbooks
  • Online access to additional CPC instruction which include practice exams after each chapter

This course also includes FREE access to the AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) “Blackboard” for additional online training.

For more information or Questions

Contact Jennifer Church, CPC, CPC-I, ROCC directly at

About the Instructor and Exam Administrator

Jennifer is the Lead Coder and Head of Compliance at Fellow Health Partners. Both roles are vital in medical billing. She is also certified by the AAPC as a Professional Coding Instructor.

Coding directly affects revenue for both providers and physicians, depending on how they “code” their services and, for this reason, is a highly valued skill among medical professionals. Today, there are over 144,000 billing codes in use, which is why Jennifer’s experience and focus are invaluable in helping to ensure that doctors and medical facilities are paid everything they’ve billed for their work. Compliance focuses on making sure that everyone – from our employees to the doctors, facilities, and administrators that we serve – comply with all mandated rules and regulations regarding billing, privacy, and processes.

Jennifer currently oversees a growing team of Fellow Health Partners’ coders and continues to help educate doctors and facility managers about how to most effectively apply current coding procedures. To stay at the peak of her skills, she continues to provide ongoing training at Fellow Health Partners’ “Knowledge College”. This is an opportunity to learn from her.

Jennifer’s 30+ years of experience in coding is supported by her Certifications which include both Professional Coding Instructor (CPC-I) and Radiation Oncology Certified Coder. She is also a member of AAPC (The American Association of Professional Coders).

Jennifer Church, CPC and CPC-I

Jennifer Church, CPC and CPC-I


About Fellow Health Partners

Fellow Health Partners is a Medical Business Solutions company, committed to providing the highest level of service to medical providers, hospitals, and facilities. To do this, it focuses on enhanced customer service, ongoing training, and serving its clients using superior technical and people skills.