New SAVi™ 3.0 Technology Debuts to Help Medical Practice Efficiencies

Evolving Technology Designed to Help Medical Practices Enhance Billing Productivity and Efficiency Great River, NY – March 2, 2022 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced the next generation of their SAVi™ technology, a proprietary medical software solution designed to manage billing…

The Best Surprise Is No Surprise: The No Surprises Billing Law

On Jan. 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act became law. It was designed to close a loophole in medical billing that had frustrated (and sometimes impoverished) patients for years. Designed to prevent patients from receiving a “surprise” bill, the law set restrictions on doctors who treated a patient and billed…

How to Ease the Human Cost of Consolidation by Michael N. Brown

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP FOR THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY Healthcare consolidation has been increasing for years, affecting doctors, hospitals, patients, and private practices. During the pandemic, the mergers got bigger, changing the balance of power, increasingly turning healthcare into a battle of the giants. There is no sign this will stop anytime soon….

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