I Love These Guys

Dr. Han Jo Kim

Spine Surgeon

Fellow Health Partners takes care of everything behind the scenes in billing. They are open, easy to work with, generous with their time, and always available. They have always optimized our billing and I really can’t imagine doing it without them anymore.

Phil Marino

Practice Administrator at Brooklyn Surgery Center

I’m pleased to say that Fellow Health Partners did everything they said they would and more. They built a seamless transition from our old billing platform to the customized platform they created just for us. It operated without a glitch from day one and we didn’t lose any time or revenue. In fact, as soon as the new system started operating, we started gaining more revenue and we had a lot more control over our business due to their transparent, helpful, real-time SAVI reporting system. Fellow Health Partners have far exceeded our lofty expectations.

Dr. Vincent Sperandeo

CEO Fusion Healthcare in Port Jefferson Station

I really like the ease and convenience of being able to review my clinical and financial information in real time. It provides boundless amounts of transparency. Unlike my old billing company, Fellow Health Partners also gets my bills out same day, real time! This has helped speed up my cash flow dramatically while improving my bottom line by close to 25% after just 2 months!

Jack Choueka

MD Maimonides Bone and Joint Center

Since we started working with Fellow Health Partners, our billing and collections process went from being a source of constant worry to beating forecasts. With the help of their terrific team, a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders, and we can finally focus on what matters most, our patients.

Dr. Richard Kim

Hand Surgeon

When Fellow Health Partners started working with our practice, they conducted a coding review that uncovered thousands of dollars in unclaimed revenue from one simple, ongoing error that we weren’t aware of. They showed us how to fix it and then filed to recoup monies owed to the practice. I’m also a big fan of their client portal which lets me track A/R, patient visits and so much more, all in real time.

Dr. Russel Huang

Spine Surgeon

I really like the personal attention from Fellow Health Partners. When it comes to billing, customer service and communication, it feels like their staff is a seamless extension of my practice, which is amazing. I am really happy with this level of service.

Dr. Rick Winters

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

I was surprised and impressed with their transparent SAVI reporting system. It gave me real-time insights into my practice, helping me improve A/R and cash flow. Most important, their customer service is great, much better than what I had before.

Dr. Bryant Nguyen

MD, PC (Interventional Cardiology)

Our total reimbursements more than doubled with their help.

Karen Tukman


My client account manager at Fellow Health Partners is simply outstanding. She is easily accessible, has negotiated higher fee schedules for us, and has a comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Doctor Silvana Gaudino


Fellow Health Partners has helped me optimize my practice by providing me with clarity and understanding. Their highly responsive customer service is simply amazing.

Group Practice Manager

I really like the personal touch from Fellow Health Partners. It feels like their staff is at my front desk and their communication is amazing. There doesn’t seem to be anything in billing that gets past them, which has translated to more collections and a healthier bottom line.

Orthopedic Surgeon

For a long time, I thought my in-house billing team was good enough but then things seemed to be slipping through the cracks, so I decided to change. I was reassured by the Simple Switch guarantee at Fellow Health Partners and pleasantly surprised that things went much smoother than I expected. It’s really taken the stress off and allowed me to spend more time practicing medicine.

Hand Surgeon

It took me quite a while to finally change billing companies because I’d heard all the negative stories about what happens when you change. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it actually was. Fellow Health partners showed real commitment to making us feel special, while their in-house tech team customized the transition. Along with their real-time reporting and smart coding reviews, they have made things easier for everyone.

Cardio Surgeon

I chose Fellow Health Partners because they really do focus on solutions. They do so much more than billing. Their Advisory Services helped with contract negotiations and even made suggestions about how to grow our practice with a lot less stress.