Fellow Health Partners Honors America’s Administrative Professionals

On the 67th Anniversary of National Administrative Professionals Day, Fellow Health Partners salutes the backbone of American businesses

Great River, NY – April 27, 2022 – On this 67th Anniversary of National Administrative Professionals Day, the role of administrative professionals is more important than ever.

Nicole Lucas, Talent and Culture Coordinator at Fellow Health Partners says, “In the healthcare field, administrative professionals are the bedrock of the system. They make sure that things run smoothly for millions of medical professionals so that they can focus on caring for hundreds of millions of patients across the country.”

There are over a hundred jobs under the title ‘administrative professional’ which includes everything from office management and assistants who support senior executives to the human resources administrator and receptionists. The International Association of Administrative Professionals defines administrative professionals as ‘individuals who are responsible for administrative tasks and coordinate information in order to support an office environment, and who are dedicated to furthering their growth in their chosen profession’.”

CEO Michael N. Brown adds, “There are more than one million Administrative Professionals employed across the country and more than half of them are in healthcare, with the heaviest concentration in physician’s offices and hospitals. They perform a vital service.”

Covid has been particularly hard on them as they have juggled patients’ needs along with those of medical providers. Despite all the challenges, they continue to keep things running smoothly in a very bumpy environment.

It’s easy to overlook their role in keeping the whole system going, especially in medical billing. Without proper billing, everything breaks down. Doctors don’t get paid. Services are disrupted. Patients can’t be seen. It’s these diligent Administrative Professionals who work so hard, mostly behind the scenes, to make sure none of this happens. Our facilities wouldn’t function without their support. We admire and congratulate them on this special day.”


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