Fellow Health Partners Offers Certified Professional Coder Training

Fellow Health Partners expands expertise and profitability with the latest Knowledge College™ curriculum update – American Association of Professional Coders’ certification

Great River, NY – July 10, 2019 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York-based medical business solutions company, announced today that they have added Professional Certification Coding Training for medical billing coders to their solutions and services platform.

CEO, Michael N. Brown explained why this is so important, “Coding is the backbone of medical billing. It’s the way providers and insurance companies keep track of diagnoses and assign payments. A mistake in coding has the potential to cause a lot of problems, which is why Fellow Health Partners is committed to helping coders to stay ahead of the curve in this critical skill.

The gold standard for billing coders is credentialing as a Certified Professional Coder which requires knowledge, study, and passing a comprehensive exam. By offering training, it’s one more way to guarantee quality for our clients.

Our team of lead coders includes Andrel Jones, a Certified Professional Coder Instructor with over 30 years of experience, who has been training coders for years to prepare them to pass the rigorous certification exam.”

Ms. Jones clarified the need, saying, “With the constant change and discovery of new procedures and treatments, medical coders are becoming increasingly important in the medical field. There are now over 144,000 medical codes which means that medical coders are often an important part of the medical team, working very closely with providers, management, and payers.

That’s why Mr. Brown decided to offer certification training through Fellow Health Partners, including complete training for novices as well as deep refreshers for those who are currently coding without certification. In both cases, the goal is to get them ready to pass the exam because as demand for healthcare services increases, more trained coders will be needed to manage the increased claims for reimbursement from insurance companies.”

Michael Brown added, “By offering certification training, we will combine profitability with practicality. The training will provide a revenue stream to Fellow Health Partners while increasing the number of Certified Professional Coders. We expect this enhanced level of professionalism will be attractive to existing and potential clients while helping us attract more highly qualified billing professionals to support our continued, rapid growth.

The course work for the training will be provided through our Knowledge College™ as part of our commitment to ongoing training, which continues to be a bedrock of our success.”

Ms. Jones summed it up, “We will help coders get certified, we will attract more people into coding, we will add to the profitability at Fellow Health Partners and, most of all, we will be helping the medical industry during this time of disruption and change. It seems like a win-win all around.”

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Andrel Jones is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) as well as a Certified Professional Coder Instructor (CPC-I) with over 30 years of billing experience. As an instructor, she has taught coding in varying environments including classrooms, hospitals, and within corporations. She teaches coders who want to refresh their skills before taking the American Association of Professional Coders exam. She also teaches courses for those who want to become coders, helping them learn the necessary skills and preparing them for the AAPC exam. Andrel is a lead coder at Fellow Health Partners, a leading-edge medical business solutions company that helps healthcare professionals and institutions to improve their bottom line by applying innovative methods of streamlining the medical billing process.