Fellow Health Partners Rebranded Website Earns Silver in the MUSE Creative Award

Great River, NY – Fellow Health Partners is pleased to announce that the International Awards Associate (IAA) has named the company a winner of the 2022 MUSE Creative Awards, taking home the silver crystal award winner in the branded website category.

“The rebrand went beyond a new content and design as it introduced the extensive suite of services and offering powerful tools for customized revenue and growth solutions,” states CEO, Michael N. Brown. “We work with growing practices and facilities across the country—providing comprehensive billing expertise, office and workflow solutions, Revenue Cycle Management optimization, strategic growth advice, and insights to help improve Operational Excellence.”

“We are so fortunate to have such a talented, committed team and vibrant culture,” said Fran Sharkey, Chief Marketing Officer of Fellow Health Partners.

“Together with the Fellow Health Partners management team, we created a new rebranded website — developing the overall branded imagery, design choices and soft and vibrant color palette, based on the top tier of the brand pyramid t

hat is reflected throughout the website. The brand essence of Fellow Health Partners is Caring, Informed, Personalized, Professional, Innovative and helps improve the bottom line.”

“Our team is responsible for the company’s overall marketing and branding initiatives in all media spaces—ensuring their message is distributed across channels and to targeted audiences to meet sales objectives. We keep an eye out for maintaining brand consistency across marketing vehicles to reach the target audience and drive maximum results.” States Sharkey.

“This prestigious international competition for creative professionals, received over 6,000 entries from 18 countries this year. For more information, visit museaward.com.