Fellow Health Partners Honors America’s Nurses During National Nurses Day

On Friday, May 6th, the 40th Anniversary of National Nurses Day, Fellow Health Partners salutes the dedicated, brave nurses who care for millions of Americans every day.

Great River, NY – May 9, 2022 — On the 40th Anniversary of National Nurses Day, America needs its nurses more than ever. Their dedication, strength, and caring has never been as front and center as it has throughout the past 2+ years.

Michael N. Brown, CEO of Fellow Health Partners says, “Because we work closely with physicians and other healthcare workers, we have seen close-up the extraordinary effort that nurses are having to make so they can serve those in need. The combination of mental and physical strength that’s been required during this pandemic has been very taxing for them.

“That’s why we are empathetic with the AACN’s theme this year, ‘Rooted in Strength’, which has found such a strong voice in AACN President Beth Wathen.

“The theme for 2022 is focused on the changes, emotions, and strengths that have challenged nursing as never before. Speaking to critical care nurses in her keynote address to the AACN, her message resonates with nurses everywhere.”

In her keynote, Wathen was honest, empathetic, and optimistic, despite the hardships that nurses have faced. She shared some of her personal struggles trying to find strength during the pandemic, framing her optimism around the way trees stay rooted and the way that fire can lead to new growth.

She said, “Today, nurses are at a threshold, at the cusp of a new and different world, one we can’t yet completely imagine.” She suggested that the strength needed to go forward is “the roots of our community of nurses.”

Building on this imagery, she spoke of the pandemic as a wildfire that swept the forest, at first appearing to be a disaster, then revealing new growth. She said, “Those young trees and flowers symbolized a new life for me — how their roots dug deeper and held stronger to allow them to grow and flourish. They helped me see how beauty in life can rise from destruction and darkness. Rooted in strength, we create our new path forward as leaders in healthcare.”

She concluded her optimistic vision for the community of nurses who have been forged in fire, “through adversity, through challenges, we grow stronger.”


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