Medical Billing Just Got Easier with Fellow Health Partners’ New SAVI™ Technology

Technology thoughtfully designed to streamline medical billing processes from physician to patient

Great River, NY – June 26, 2018 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced the implementation of their new SAVI™ technology, a medical software solution designed to streamline and simplify the increasingly antiquated world of medical billing and collections.

“Medical professionals told us that medicine is complicated enough without having to spend valuable resources navigating the complicated alleyways of insurance companies while dealing with increasing compliance costs, facility overhead, and all the other issues within the medical billing process,” said Michael N. Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Fellow Health Partners. “SAVI™ our proprietary medical solutions software system, was engineered to monitor and systemize the day-to-day workflow at Fellow Health Partners. Streamlining our process allows us to ensure that busy physicians, practice managers, and hospital administrators get paid appropriately in the increasingly complicated world of medical billing and insurance.”

“Most doctors and hospital staff told us that they went into the medical field to help people, not to run a retail business with all its problems,” he added. Their frustration is one reason why, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the outsourced medical billing and coding field is projected to grow over 21% during the next three years.

Fellow Health Partners was established to meet a growing need for a more customized, professional offering positioned between the existing extremes of impersonal “one size fits all” medical billing companies and the smaller “mom and pop” independent contractors who compete to service doctors and hospitals.

Committed to personalized service as well as continuous, up-to-date training of all their staff, Fellow Health Partners strives to bring a new level of thoughtfulness along with technical excellence to the medical business solutions space. The Company is expanding and currently hiring more employees in New York State.

Clients are already enthusiastic about the results of the SAVI™ technology. Dr. Bryant Nguyen, an interventional cardiologist at Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA said, “With the help of Fellow Health Partners, our total reimbursements more than doubled ”.