The Fellow Health Partners Difference

You work hard for your money. You help people and save lives.

But when it comes to getting paid, there are more hurdles than ever. Insurance denials. Rising staff costs. Lower reimbursements.

And that’s why we formed Fellow Health Partners.

To help make things easier for you – the doctors, hospitals, and even the patients who have to deal with billing, denials, insurance, pre-authorization, and more.

Fellow Health Partners does this by focusing smart technology, highly trained professionals, and innovative personalized solutions on the unique challenges in your medical world. We anchor our commitments with caring, enthusiasm, and personal service.

We are always available– staffed with experts and managed by a team that’s looking out for you, helping you get what you deserve. And, many say that’s what makes us different.


Fellow Health Partners is committed to helping our clients improve their bottom line by applying innovative medical business solutions. We work with clients and locations... READ MORE


If you're looking for a way to get more of what you want, faster, with less effort, we’re here to help. If you’re wondering how to increase cash flow or improve the bottom line... READ MORE

“I was surprised and impressed with their transparent SAVI reporting system. It gave me real-time insights into my practice, helping me improve A/R and cash flow. Most important, their customer service is great, much better than what I had before.”

Dr. Rick Winters (Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery)