The Fellow Health Partners’ Difference

What happens when you take a fresh look at an old problem?

When you focus on new ways of fusing Talent, Training, and Technology to optimize your operations and cash flow, while keeping patients happy?
You get Fellow Health Partners.

How We Make It Easier for You

We Started with a Fresh Look

To make things easier for you, we started by listening to people like you – to doctors, administrators, practice managers, patients, and even CEOs of hospitals.
We wanted to take a fresh look at an old problem – how to close the gap between what was billed compared to what was received.
As part of our exploration, we learned about frustrations trying to streamline billing, A/R collections, coding, internal workflow issues, unresolved denials, and the many challenges in growing your business.

Customized Technology

Based on your feedback, we developed a suite of tools including SimpleSwitch™ to smoothly move from your billing platform to ours, while keeping cash flowing.

Our proprietary SAVi™ technology integrates easily with any EHR system, including world class leaders such as Epic, while providing you with real time, 24/7 access to all your data.

And our TruTest™ verification process improves accuracy and catches hiccups before they become problems, which means fewer hassles and more revenue.

We back our technology with our highly responsive team of experts who value your time and get back to you fast when you have a question.

No Detail is Too Small

Even though we are proud of our tools and processes, we never stop learning from our clients and one of the most powerful things we’ve learned is that no detail is too small.

For one client who was frustrated with a small technical issue, we went to their facility and installed a single desktop scanner because the staff member was having a problem getting their own scanner to work, which was slowing their workflow. And many say that’s what makes us different.