Powerful Tools that make it Easier, Faster and Better for you


Fellow Health Partners developed the SimpleSwitch™ process to make it smoother, more reliable, and less stressful to switch billing to our service.

The process was developed to make sure that the “hot spots” in switching are anticipated and appropriately monitored, minimizing disruption for new clients.


SAVi™ is a proprietary technological innovation of Fellow Health Partners, designed to streamline workflow, improve client access to data, and optimize business processes.

It is customized for each user and can generate reporting analytics that are most useful to each client, including those that can help earn more money, with fewer administrative headaches for all involved.


To optimize accuracy, we created the TruTest™ process as a series of check points, especially around “hot spots” where billing mistakes could potentially arise.

The process includes everything from basic coding audits and claim scrubbing to an enhanced process for tracking and resolving denials.

Knowledge College™

Our one-of-a-kind training facility is used to continually train our team members in technical skills and people skills. It helps them stay ahead on issues from compliance to coding and from customer service to negotiating.

The curriculum is based on Validated Adult Learning Theory which helps the learning stick, leading to happier employees and more satisfied clients.