Solutions & Services

If you would like to increase cash flow, improve your bottom line, and grow your business, we will customize a solution just for you.

Our suite of services can help you lower rejection rates, receive higher negotiated reimbursements, and improve your reporting analytics – just for starters.

Our Team Works with Your Team

If you’re looking for a way to get more of what you want, faster, with less effort, we’re here to help.

Our extensive Suite of Services can be customized to provide everything from enhanced reporting metrics to lower denials with more revenue. Our Knowledge College™ provides a curriculum that ranges from AAPC Certified training for coders to insights into Customer Service and Organizational Structure.

If you would rather simplify things and increase efficiency by outsourcing your billing so that you have more time to focus on something else – whether it’s your patients or growing the business – we will help smooth the transition with our SimpleSwitch™ process.