Thought Leadership Healthquake™: Access Wars in Healthcare

Fellow Health Partners CEO Michael N. Brown and Advisory Board Member Philip Schrank M.D. explore a new paradigm developing within the universe of the Patient/Provider experience, and how healthcare providers and organizations are responding to compete for market share. Healthcare facilities, including both hospital-based and private practice entities, have traditionally been slow to embrace change….

Thought Leadership Healthquake™: How to Make Learning Stick

Why doesn’t learning stick following training? One of the most common reasons is that the training wasn’t done properly. Others include: an apprenticeship model was used; there wasn’t appropriate follow up; and/or the “three times rule” wasn’t followed. The business of healthcare is driven by training and retraining. Doctors, nurses, office staff, administrators, and billers…

Thought Leadership Healthquake™: How to Fix Habitual Problems

by Michael N. Brown Summary: “Good” habits (acceptable behaviors) can lead to a more productive medical practice while “bad” habits (unacceptable behaviors) can hurt everything from revenue to morale. Most people turn behavior into habit “subconsciously” and then don’t notice it anymore. Understanding how and why we create habits (good and bad), provides a path…