Profiles in Caring: Fellow Health Partners Honors Dr. Swetha Pakala

On the 50th Anniversary of World Health Day, Fellow Health Partners initiates its new series, “Profiles in Caring”, celebrating the doctors who help enhance the power of medicine.

Great River, NY – April 6, 2021 – This year, the theme of World Health Day is to “build a fairer, healthier world.” To bring attention to this outreach, New York based Fellow Health Partners today initiates a series of profiles to honor doctors whose work contributes to this goal.

CEO Michael N. Brown said, “During a time that has been unsettling for much of the world, we decided to focus on hope and possibility by showcasing just one of the many doctors who are doing so much. We decided to start with Dr. Swetha Pakala because many people aren’t aware of the importance of anesthesia in building a healthier world.”

Dr. Pakala got interested in international health while in college and her passion just grew. As she gained skills in anesthesiology and pursued her goal to contribute at the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery, she would often think about the best way to help others in less fortunate parts of the world.

She says, “After various experiences in international health and medicine, I realized that sustainable programs were the most effective in narrowing the large gap in access to care worldwide. As a specialist in regional anesthesia, I saw the immense benefit of teaching these techniques to providers in low-income countries. Regional anesthesia could improve access and safety around surgery.”

Dr. Pakala began teaching regional anesthesia to sites in Vietnam, Ghana, and India, with the ultimate goal of leaving these skills among the local community, creating sustainable development. She and her team developed a way to not only tailor the curriculum to each specific site, but also to measure the outcomes. She is now working to expand her efforts towards a broader program in musculoskeletal health, a known leader in the global burden of disease.

Michael Brown notes, “When we asked Dr. Pakala what she needed most to help even more people, she was clear. ‘We need more funding. It can make such a difference”.

Although she is a busy doctor both in the USA and abroad, when Dr. Pakala finds time to relax, she says it’s the simple things that matter. “Time with the family and, if possible, travel with the family”.

Congratulations, Dr. Pakala, for your Profile in Caring.