Advisory Services

Our goal is to help you grow.

This includes growing revenue, billings, patient visits, procedures, surgeries, and clients. We can also help you streamline operations, reduce costs and identify both opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Our diverse teams have great depth and experience in helping companies grow, drawing on decades of success in finance, operational excellence, management, KPI metrics, organizational structure, process flow, revenue cycle management, and streamlining mergers and acquisitions.

Solutions. Advice. Action. Results.

If you want, we can help by looking into anything from your operations to your billing, to let you know where things are just fine and where you have some work to do. Some people call this Auditing. We prefer to see this evaluation as a first step in helping to determine ways for you to grow.

Depending on where you might need to focus, we can draw on our expertise in Revenue Cycle Solutions, Business strategies, application of KPI metrics, appropriate Software, Technology, and Processes, or even enhanced Training.

We can help because of our highly experienced executives, our proprietary SAVi™ technology, our in-house Knowledge College™ and our many decades of experience. And we can make it easier because of our SimpleSwitch™ process.