Revenue Cycle Solutions

More Clarity, More Revenue, Less Stress

For doctors, hospitals, ASCs, and group practices, the heart of the business often revolves around the Revenue Cycle.

We provide a full suite of services.

Revenue Cycle Management Process

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Medical Billing

Our highly trained team is carefully supervised by experienced managers who are committed to your complete satisfaction. Among our extensive billing services, we include:

  • Day One Billing Service
  • Credentialing
  • Coding
  • Coding Review

Coding is particularly important when it comes to getting paid for the services provided. One wrong code might leave a practice thousands of dollars short while one right code might earn thousands more than anticipated, even though you bill for exactly the same procedure.

As an American Association of Professional Coders Certified training facility, we work hard to get your coding right.

Denial Management Service

Our personalized service deals with the paperwork and insurance bureaucracy to free your practice and your staff to focus on other priorities. We help:

  • Reduce Denial Rates
  • Pursue and Resolve Denied Claims to Collect What You Are Owed
  • Resolve Rejected Claims
  • Resolve Unresolved Claims

Denials by insurance companies are a “hot spot” for physicians, facilities, hospitals, and other providers. That’s because they are often arbitrary or even the result of a tiny mistake that means you don’t get paid. We are persistent and professional in working to overturn denials to help you collect for your work.

Contract Negotiations

Are you receiving the maximum reimbursement for all your services? If the answer is “no”, our skilled negotiators can help make sure you do. We help:

  • Analyze Fee Schedules
  • Prepare for Negotiations
  • Negotiate with Insurers

Our team is trained and refreshed in “people skills” at Fellow Health Partners’ Knowledge College™. This means that they are superior negotiators, working on your behalf, to help you get the most for your services.

Prior Authorization Service

We help you deal with the paperwork and insurance bureaucracy. We help to:

  • Allow your practice, facility, and your staff to focus on other priorities
  • Ensure that you’ll receive reimbursement for the services performed
  • Ensure that the patient is covered for the required medical service

Your office staff have more useful things to do than spend hours on the phone trying to get a procedure or a surgery approved by an overworked insurance bureaucrat. There’s so much that can go wrong in the process which is why our team is trained to make sure it doesn’t. It’s why we suggest that you leave nothing to chance and everything to us.

New Patient Registration Service

Our personalized service helps by collecting information before the patient arrives at your location. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Patient registration and financial information
  • Review of systems (ROS)
  • Current medication list and allergies

During the Covid-19 pandemic, patients became nervous about standing in a doctor’s office or hospital registration room, filling in forms, signing with a grimy pen, and handing over licenses and health cards to complete strangers. Our contactless service can help them feel more comfortable while getting you the information you need.