Fellow Health Partners Delivers “Donuts for Doctors” on National Doctors’ Day

On the 89th occasion of National Doctors’ Day, Fellow Health Partners’ Executives and Staff personally deliver sweet treats to physicians

Great River, NY – March 31, 2022 – National Doctors’ Day has been celebrated for 89 years, honoring doctors for the tough job they do every day with care, compassion, and committed professionalism.

Covid-19 has just made it that much harder for doctors and their medical support teams who have been going above and beyond during this pandemic. Fellow Health Partners decided to add a light touch to a dark time by continuing their tradition of offering up a sweet, personal treat to the honors.

CEO Michael N. Brown said, “When we put ourselves in the doctors’ shoes, we saw a high-stress job that had to be done with commitment and care, regardless of how hard it was or how long the day seemed.

That’s why we decided to expand our ‘Donuts for Doctors’ outreach, to give our doctors as well as others a ‘sweet treat’ in the middle of their day.”

Nicole Lucas, Talent and Culture coordinator, adds, “Last year, the doctors told us that pint-sized donuts were ideal because each one was just right for a couple of bites. It fit right in with their hurried schedule. This year we are continuing the tradition with thousands of donuts in the flavors the doctors like best.”

She continued, “The thing that makes this extra special is that the executives and staff members at Fellow Health Partners are personally delivering these pint-sized treats to practices, facilities, and hospitals throughout the tri-state area and other supporters are delivering across the country.

“Our whole company will be involved, from the CEO to members of our billing team. It’s our way of offering a more personal thank you to these hard-working physicians.”

Michael N. Brown added, “We will be out early with boxes of doughnuts, so don’t be surprised if you see us when the sun is coming up. We are making it as convenient for the doctors as we can. Our commitment is to honor these hard-working, courageous champions in our nation’s healthcare system.”