Fellow Health Partners Delivers “Donuts for Doctors” on National Doctors’ Day

On the 88th occasion of National Doctors’ Day, Fellow Health Partners’ Executives and Staff personally deliver sweet treats to physicians

Great River, NY – March 30, 2021 – National Doctors’ Day has been celebrated for 88 years, honoring doctors for the tough job they do every day with care, compassion, and committed professionalism.
This year, Fellow Health Partners decided to add a sweet, personal touch to the honors.

CEO Michael N. Brown said, “We tried to put ourselves in the doctors’ shoes and see the world from their point of view. When we did, we saw a world that’s always in motion, on-the-go, where doctors rarely get a moment for themselves.
That’s why we decided to create ‘Donuts for Doctors’, to give our doctors something that fit their grab-and-go lifestyle as they hurry through their day. We joked that we wanted to sweeten the day for them.”
Nicole Lucas, Client Relations professional, adds, “When we thought about the hurried lifestyle of the doctor, we decided that pint-sized donuts might be ideal because each one was just right for a couple of bites. So, we reached out to the popular doughnut specialists DoughNuttery and ordered up thousands of doughnuts for the doctors in their most popular flavors.”

She continued, “The thing that makes this more than a doughnut dash is that the Executives and Staff members at Fellow Health Partners are personally delivering these pint-sized treats to practices, facilities, and hospitals throughout the area. It’s their way of offering a more personal thank you.”

Michael N. Brown added, “Doctors get up early so if you see us at a medical facility at the crack of dawn with boxes of doughnuts, don’t be surprised. It’s the least we can do to honor these hard-working, vital players in our nation’s health.”


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