Fellow Health Partners Expands Facility in New York State

Advanced technology, space for growing staff, and full-time training center are key factors in expansion

Great River, NY – April 1, 2018 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced its move to Great River, New York, keeping the company in New York state and expanding facility size by more than 400%.

CEO Michael N. Brown said, “We made the move so that we could continue to lead with best-in-class service for medical practices and hospitals, expanding our technological capabilities and building an in-house, dedicated training center to support our team and our clients. We believe that this demonstrates Fellow Health Partners’ on-going commitment to leadership in billing technology and customer service.

As the medical profession continues to be disrupted by insurance changes, increased patient co-pays, and the acquisition of medical practices by hospitals, many billing companies are falling behind in applying the most useful efficiency technologies to cope with these changes. And, unfortunately, they just don’t have the resources to continually train their people in how to communicate most effectively with insurance companies, medical staff and their patients.

By building a dedicated training center, we can control the quality of our offering which, we hope, will help us grow even faster while keeping jobs in New York state.”