Preparedness Update

Dear Client,

Our goal with our clients is always to provide uninterrupted service at the highest level, which you’ve come to expect.

In this light, as the novel Coronavirus pops up here and there around the country, we are committed not to let the way this unfolds affect how we serve and support you.

In times like this there are, of course, uncertainties, and to deal with these we all need to understand what we proactively can do. To this end, we have framed detailed contingency plans and have validated all of them to ensure that they can handle any eventuality that we think may unfold.

We always come from the belief of “better-safe-than-sorry” and are reaching out to you to let you know that we are committed to do our part, no matter how this situation evolves.

If you would like any further information as to what our plans and strategies involve in order to keep our service and support commitment to you, please call me directly at 917.338.6909 and I would be happy to provide you with the relevant details.

Thank you again for your trust and for allowing us to serve you.

Best Regards,

Michael N. Brown, CEO


Fellow Health Partners Inc. is a leading-edge medical business solutions company that helps healthcare professionals and institutions to improve their bottom line by applying innovative methods of streamlining the medical billing process. Built on technology, training, and customer service, it’s a new breed of company, specializing in servicing all parts of the surgical world, from anesthetics to surgery, from hospitals to surgery centers. Supported by an active advisory board of leading doctors, Fellow Health Partners acts as an extension to any medical practice or facility by providing billing expertise, office and workflow solutions, customer service assistance, and administrative support.


Fran Sharkey, CMO
Fellow Health Partners, Inc.