Fellow Health Partners Chosen in Top 10 Medical Billing and Coding Companies in 2020

Michael Brown, CEO of Fellow Health Partners, remembers when he first discovered medical billing. He had left a business consulting career to help out his sick father in the family accounting business. While working with clients, he discovered medical billing and noticed many challenges when it came to medical billing and coding. He noticed that hospitals and practitioners were losing a significant part of their revenue, sometimes in excess of 20 percent, due to lack of adequate skills in billing, coding, and follow up. When he dug deeper, he noticed that many companies weren’t doing a good job of developing human capital, which includes the knowledge base of the employees and the application of “people” skills.

Human capital was important because a well-trained staff is more likely to collect from insurance companies and patients. Michael’s insight was that the industry needed a scalable human capital model that could be paired with innovative technology to provide a “high tech, high touch” service model for physicians and hospitals. This revelation lead to the creation of Fellow Health Partners.

The company was built to bring together the best of “high tech” billing that is based on technology and the best of the “mom and pop” billers who provided personal service but couldn’t scale to service bigger clients or those who specialized needs.

To solve the two problems in the industry – a lack of professionals with well-honed “people skills” coupled to innovative technology – the company created the Knowledge College, an in-house training center that provides training and certification for medical billing and coding. Certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), Knowledge College also offers basic and advanced training in people skills, such as communication, working in teams, self-management, and influencing patients and insurers.

Fellow Health Partners also developed a Scalable Automated Verification Interface (SAVi), a proprietary technology that streamlines the complex workflows of medical billing, including revenue cycle management, patient and insurance company communications, reporting insights, and dashboard management. “Optimizing the business processes, SAVi can help medical facilities and providers generate more revenue.” says Brown. “It also provides transparency in real time for physicians and administrators who want access to relevant metrics of their practice.” The workflow is directed to employees daily, enabling them to perform their tasks effectively while closely tracking claims. If anything is left out, the system detects it and allows employees to complete it.

Working as a partner with medical practices and facilities, Fellow Health Partners begins by analyzing the client’s operation and then identifies any problems. Since every client is unique and has specific needs, the company offers customized solutions based on coding, denial resolution, front office, or audit solutions as needed. Brown asserts that most of their clients prefer end-to-end solutions that encompass the full revenue cycle management process from charge entry, coding, payment posting and adjudication to denial resolution, statements, customer service, and patient collections. “We make sure that our optimal solutions solve the client’s problems at both the front and back end, saving them energy as well as time,” says John Parikhal, strategy and branding partner of Fellow Health Partners.

Brown recalls a situation where the company helped a large surgical practice collect revenue that they were losing due to their manual billing process and poor management. With the help of SAVi, Fellow Health Partners identified a significant problem that the client was unaware of. Through workflow automation and analytics, the client was able to collect the funds that were going unnoticed before.

In another case, the company assisted a large ambulatory surgery center in training their in-house team. The client was looking for a third-party vendor that could solve their issues around attracting and retaining trained professional staff. Fellow Health Partners went in and trained their employees, which helped in lowering costs. With the combination of its technology and customer service, the company increased their client’s revenue by 15 percent. With many such success stories under its belt, Fellow Health Partners continues to evolve both its Knowledge College and the company’s technology to optimize workflows, automate business processes, and support its valuable human capital.



Fellow Health Partners Inc. is a leading-edge medical business solutions company that helps healthcare professionals and institutions to improve their bottom line by applying innovative methods of streamlining the medical billing process. Built on technology, training, and customer service, it’s a new breed of company, specializing in servicing all parts of the surgical world, from anesthetics to surgery, from hospitals to surgery centers. Supported by an active advisory board of leading doctors, Fellow Health Partners acts as an extension to any medical practice or facility by providing billing expertise, office and workflow solutions, customer service assistance, and administrative support.