Powerful Technology. At Your Service.

SAVi™ is a proprietary technological innovation of Fellow Health Partners, designed to streamline workflow, improve client access to data, and optimize business processes.

As part of its functionality, it is designed to help generate more money for our clients faster, with fewer administrative headaches for all involved.

It includes data, analytics, and workflow technology, operating as a 24/7 transparent tool that allows providers and facilities access to all their billing information at the touch of a button.

It is customized for each user and can generate reporting analytics that are most useful to each client.

SAVi™ was designed to Manage the Complex Workflows of Medical Billing including:

  • Reporting Insights and Management Dashboards (SAVi™ Insights)
  • Revenue Cycle Management (SAVi™ RCM) which speeds up cash flow, optimizes patient balance and improves the:
    • Charge Entry Process
    • Denial Management Process
    • Payment Posting Process (including adjudication)
  • Data Driven Inbound and Outbound Patient and Insurance Company Communications (SAVi™ Phone)
  • Employee Productivity Tracking (SAVi™ Time)
  • Real Time, Transparent, Client Access and Communication (SAVi™ Client Portal), allowing clients 24/7 access to their billing information including receivables
  • Integrating the client’s EHR to the Fellow Health Partners’ billing platform (SAVi™ Integration), so that clients can keep their EHR while seamlessly receiving the benefits of our systems

SAVi™ uses these systems to manage workflow, assign tasks, check for problems, and ensure that Fellow Health Partners, its staff, and its clients are working efficiently together to achieve a unified goal. The system also provides a customization function for clients, allowing them access to all their data in real time.