Medical Billing Just Got Even Easier with Fellow Health Partners’ New SAVi 2.0™ Technology

Next generation technology thoughtfully designed to streamline medical billing processes for physicians, facilities and patients

Great River, NY – Feb. 20, 2019 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced the implementation of their new SAVi 2.0™ technology, a significant upgrade to their proprietary medical software solution, designed to streamline and simplify the increasingly antiquated world of medical billing and collections.

“This is the future of medical billing”, said Ali Raza, Chief Systems Architect for Fellow Health Partners. “It integrates our advanced phone system directly into the billing workflow, increasing efficiency while improving convenience and customer service for patients. Among its many features, it provides patients with a dedicated local billing phone number for their health care providers, ambulatory surgery centers, and other facilities, rather than an impersonal 800 number that might even be outsourced to be answered by an offshore company.”

Michael N. Brown, CEO of Fellow Health Partners added, “More than ever, technology will drive the next evolution in medical billing. Already, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are being integrated into the medical world although, surprisingly, there are still a lot of medical providers who aren’t up-to-date with technologies that could help their business grow and save them money.

For some providers, technology appears so daunting that they are slow to get on board, even though this reluctance results in financial penalties, slower cash flow cycles, and higher administrative expenses.  That’s why our technology goal for all our clients and prospective clients is always the same – make it even simpler, even more user-friendly, even more customizable and easy to integrate into the workflow at the office or facility. That’s why we’re excited about SAVi 2.0™. It’s all those things.

SAVi 2.0™ helps medical professionals by connecting directly to the practice or facility, speeding up workflow and allowing access to a dedicated Client Portal where providers or authorized staff can access billing information that is customized based on need. This includes real-time, constantly updated reports designed for designated functions, whether for the executive, doctor, front desk, or management, among others. And, best of all everything is HIPAA compliant.”