New SAVi™ 3.0 Technology Debuts to Help Medical Practice Efficiencies

Evolving Technology Designed to Help Medical Practices Enhance Billing Productivity and Efficiency

Great River, NY – March 2, 2022 — Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced the next generation of their SAVi™ technology, a proprietary medical software solution designed to manage billing workflows while providing physicians, COOs, and CEOs with more insight into their practices.

Ali Raza, Chief Systems Architect at Fellow Health Partners adds, “We use SAVi™ to increase our billing efficiency and effectiveness. This includes the use of enhanced KPI data to support our managers as they constantly improve throughput, allowing us to stay very competitive with our fee structure. When it comes to customized reports, SAVi™3.0 is currently in Beta testing with some of our biggest physician groups and surgery centers and the results are very encouraging. They are getting the customized, growth-focused reports they need and want.”

Ali expanded on the backbone of SAVi™, “We are able to serve clients better with our large in-house development team. It’s not outsourced to 3rd party vendors, which is often the case for many other companies. We can customize specifically for every client. For example, a large surgery center was digging into revenue data and needed a custom report on all surgeries performed by one doctor since he started with them. With SAVi™ we provided it quickly and accurately. Every day our clients are finding new uses for the SAVi™3.0 software.”


Fellow Health Partners Inc. is a leading-edge medical business solutions company that helps healthcare professionals and institutions improve their bottom line by applying innovative methods of streamlining and enhancing medical billing and associated processes. Supported by an active advisory board of leading doctors, Fellow Health Partners acts as an extension to any medical practice or facility by providing billing expertise, office and workflow solutions, customer service assistance, advisory services, and administrative support.