[vc_row][vc_column][split_content_container class=”reverse”][split_content_element image=”1422″ type=”default” arrows=”none”]We set out to change that.

It’s why Fellow Health Partners committed itself to develop our SimpleSwitch™ process, which is designed to make it smoother, more reliable, and less stressful to switch billing companies.

The process was developed to make sure that the “hot spots” in switching are anticipated and smoothed out.

For example, one of the “hot spots” is EDI enrollment which, if not done correctly, can cause delays in reimbursement. Our diligent teams help to make sure that the enrollment is done right, following up as many times as necessary to help our clients get everything in place.[/split_content_element][split_content_element image=”1423″ type=”default” arrows=”none”]Another “hot spot” is the entire Onboarding Process which is made easier for our clients because we do most of it for them. We do the documentation. We even contact their “third-party” systems people for them in order to streamline the integration. We allow them to keep their phone numbers and then port them over to our platform. We do on-site or Zoom training as needed. We set up EFT from payers, according to their guidelines.

We also provide our SAVi™ technology which gives our clients real-time access to their accounts, so they don’t miss a moment in tracking A/R, cash flow, patient balances and all the other information they need.

Perhaps most important, we live by our motto, “No detail is too small”. For one client, we went to their facility and installed a desktop scanner because one of their staff was having a problem getting their scanner to work. That’s how we help keep it easy and simple.[/split_content_element][/split_content_container][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]