SAVi™ is a technological innovation of Fellow Health Partners, designed to streamline workflow and optimize business processes. As part of its functionality, it is designed to help generate more money for our clients faster, with fewer administrative headaches for all involved.

SAVi™ was designed to manage the complex workflows of Medical Billing including:

  • The Sales Process (SAVi™ CRM)
  • The Inbound and Outbound phone calls to patients and insurance companies (SAVi™ Phone)
  • The Employee Time Keeping Process (SAVi™ Time)
  • The Client Interactions (SAVi™ Client Portal)
  • The Monthly Reports and Management Dashboards (SAVi™ Insights)

SAVi™ uses these systems to manage workflow, assign tasks, and ensure that Fellow Health Partners, its staff, and its clients are working efficiently together to achieve a unified goal.

The name SAVi™ stands for Scalable Automated Verification Interface. The definition of each term is as follows:

  • Scalable – capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand
  • Automated – operated automatically
  • Verification – the act or process of verifying
  • Interface – the means by which interaction or communication is achieved at an interface